Caricatures by JT Art & Design

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About Caricatures by JT Art & Design

Hi everyone! My name is Judy and I provide quick, live, caricatures at any type of adult or child oriented event you can imagine, including more and more weddings! For as long as I can remember, I always loved to draw people and had a special knack for noticing the unique characteristics of a persons face, and had a gift for also capturing it and it's true likeness! After a lengthy full-time career as a graphic designer, which I still do part time, I have been doing more and more caricature gifts and events in my unique portrait-caricature hybrid style! I striveq to capture in a flattering, and not grotesquely exaggerated manner. I love meeting and engaging with my customers and I have recently found that people are getting tired of just having a Photo Booth with limited uniqueness, thus hiring a caricaturist in addition to or instead of! Consider giving the party art that can't be washed off! Thanks in advance for your interest.!