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1306 Antioch Pike, Nashville, TN


Signature Limousines: A Great Birthday Idea - An Eventective User from Nashville, Tennessee

When my best friend recently turned 40, we decided it would be fun to plan a surprise party for her. Instead of a traditional party at someone's house, we rented a limo for the night. The party had a total of eight people. Since it was a surprise, we planned a fake party at my house for her. She came to my house along with the other guests, and the limo showed up about 30 minutes later. She was so surprised, and I knew we were going to have a great night. When I first called Signature Limousines, I was expecting to just book a normal limo that would take us to the clubs downtown. However, the representative told me about their birthday package. It was less than $200, and had lots of special extras. The limo had balloons inside, as well as a birthday sign. The car was absolutely gorgeous, a classic black limousine that could not have been shinier. The only downside to the package was the days of the week it could be booked. We could choose any day between Sunday and Thursday. The price was so great, I decided to book the package and chose Thursday for the party. I really wanted to have the party on the weekend, but there are a number of clubs in Nashville that are still lively during the week. We had the limo for three hours. The driver was so funny and courteous. He really helped make the party more fun. Overall, I would highly recommend this service and plan on using this company in the future.

Super nice! - An Eventective User from Gallatin, Tennessee

When it came to my wedding, like most women, I wanted nothing but the best. I wanted everything to be as perfect as I could make it and that meant I wanted a really nice limousine! I put a lot of work into my wedding and I spent a lot of time on every single thing.. Well I got so caught up with everything else, like the dresses and the setup and such that I forgot all about which limousine service I was going to use. I had not even called and set up an appointment yet! I called so many places in Nashville and surrounding and most people were booked or when I went to see their cars they were just not satisfying and the places looked like the people did not take pride in their business. So I kept searching and had friends helping me (there are a lot of limousine businesses in Nashville, Tennessee) and finally one of them came across Signature Transportation Services. I went and checked them out and looked to see what limousines they had, and they were so nice and helped a lot. I decided to choose them because they had this amazing limo and they had places open for my wedding day. They were cheap on price and they were very kind people. I would reccomend this to people but whatever you do, do not wait til the last minute because you might not get as lucky as I did! and I would not want anyone to have to put off their wedding because they are having a hard time with something so small.