Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

2800 Opryland Dr Nashville, TN
Max Capacity: 7050 people
You'll be amazed at the nine acres of indoor gardens, cascading waterfalls and an indoor river with its own Delta flatboat. Request A Quote! Within this lush landscape, you'll discover fine dining and casual restaurants, unique shopping experiences, and a 20,000-square-foot hotel spa and fitness center. And for late-night excitement, check out our latest entertainment adventure, Fuse Nightclub.This luxurious hotel is the flagship property of the Gaylord Hotels family. It features 2,881 stylish guest rooms, including 174 spectacular suites. Every room features high-speed wireless Internet access and two phones, including one cordless. Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center invites you to experience the energy and excitement of Music City. On the banks of the Cumberland River, Gaylord Opryland is just minutes from Nashville International Airport and a short drive or riverboat cruise from downtown Nashville.
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Event Spaces
Bayou Room A
Belle Meade Room A
Belmont Room A
Canal Room A
Cascades Seafood Restaurant
Cheekwood Room A
Delta Ballroom
Delta Island Boardroom
Governor's Ballroom
Governor's Chamber Room
Hermitage Room A
Jackson Room A
Lincoln Room A
Magnolia Ballroom
Magnolia Boardroom A
Old Hickory Steakhouse Restaurant
Presidential Ballroom
Presidential Boardroom A
Ristorante Volare Italian Cuisine
Ryman Ballroom
Ryman Hall
Ryman Studio Room A
Tennessee Ballroom
Washington Room A
Water's Edge Marketplace Buffet
Bayou Room AB
Bayou Room B
Bayou Room C
Bayou Room CD
Bayou Room D
Bayou Room E
Belle Meade Room AB
Belle Meade Room B
Belle Meade Room C
Belle Meade Room CD
Belle Meade Room D
Belmont Room B
Belmont Room C
Canal Room ABCD
Canal Room B
Canal Room C
Canal Room D
Canal Room E
Cheekwood Room ABC
Cheekwood Room B
Cheekwood Room C
Cheekwood Room D
Cheekwood Room E
Cheekwood Room F
Cheekwood Room G
Cheekwood Room GH
Cheekwood Room H
Delta Ballroom A
Delta Ballroom A Lobby
Delta Ballroom B
Delta Ballroom B/C/D
Delta Ballroom BCD Lobby
Delta Ballroom C
Delta Ballroom D
Delta Ballroom Patio
Delta Ballroom Service Corridor
Delta Island Room F
Delta Island Room A
Delta Island Room ABC
Delta Island Room B
Delta Island Room C
Delta Island Room D
Delta Island Room E
Governor's Ballroom A
Governor's Ballroom A & E
Governor's Ballroom B
Governor's Ballroom C
Governor's Ballroom C/D
Governor's Ballroom D
Governor's Ballroom E
Governor's Ballroom Lobby
Governor's Ballroom North
Governor's Ballroom South
Governor's Chamber Room A
Governor's Chamber Room D
Governor's Chamber Room E
Governor’s Chamber Room B
Governor’s Chamber Room C
Hermitage Room AB
Hermitage Room B
Hermitage Room C
Hermitage Room CD
Hermitage Room D
Hermitage Room E
Jackson Room AB
Jackson Room B
Jackson Room C
Jackson Room CD
Jackson Room D
Jackson Room E
Jackson Room EF
Jackson Room F
Lincoln Room B
Lincoln Room C
Lincoln Room CDE
Lincoln Room D
Lincoln Room E
Magnolia Boardroom B
Old Hickory Steakhouse
Presidential Ballroom A
Presidential Ballroom A/B
Presidential Ballroom B
Presidential Ballroom C
Presidential Ballroom C & E
Presidential Ballroom D
Presidential Ballroom E
Presidential Ballroom Lobby
Presidential Ballroom North
Presidential Ballroom South
Presidential Boardroom B
Ryman Ballroom A
Ryman Ballroom B
Ryman Ballroom C
Ryman Ballroom E
Ryman Ballroom F
Ryman Foyer B
Ryman Foyer C
Ryman Hall B
Ryman Hall B1
Ryman Hall B2
Ryman Hall B3
Ryman Hall B4
Ryman Hall B5
Ryman Hall B6
Ryman Hall C
Ryman Hall C1
Ryman Hall C2
Ryman Studio Room H
Ryman Studio Room ABC
Ryman Studio Room B
Ryman Studio Room C
Ryman Studio Room D
Ryman Studio Room DE
Ryman Studio Room E
Ryman Studio Room F
Ryman Studio Room FG