Warren Kramer | Classical, Latin, Jazz, Acoustic Guitar

1974 Shorewood Drive, Muskegon, MI

About Warren Kramer | Classical, Latin, Jazz, Acoustic Guitar

Warren Kramer, Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, classical-style sacred music (hymns and worship music) on solo guitar, Latin Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Brazilian Guitar, Brazilian Jazz, Ambient and Meditational Acoustic Guitar, Folk Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar & Bass. Warren Kramer makes a roomful of music with just one guitar. His fingerstyle instrumental guitar technique allows him to play melody and accompaniment at the same time, at times sounding like two guitars and a bass. Warren learned jazz styles from Al Swan (himself a student of Earl Klugh, the great nylon-string guitar jazz stylist). He studied the classical guitar under Andrew Schulman, Joel Yaggi, and Jerry Klickstein. His solo guitar styles include: jazz standards, Brazilian/Latin jazz/sambas, favorites in jazz or classical styles, ambient/meditational solo guitar originals, and hymns and worship songs on classical or acoustic guitar.