Multimedia Stage Hypnotist Experience

Montreal-Nord, QC

About Multimedia Stage Hypnotist Experience

Showtime Productions is pleased to offer you two (2) different high quality and professional shows, made available according to the size, budget and type of your event: Option # 1: Variety Show Our Variety Show will entertain audiences from 25 to 100 guests with our high energy combination of three great arts: - Multimedia stage and street HYPNOTIST show. - Street Magic. - Ventriloquist act. This recipe is a guaranteed success for any event! Option # 2: Theater and Corporate Show Our Theater and Corporate Show will entertain audiences from 125 to 2500 guests with our signature production, our Multimedia Hypnotist Experience: This large-scale show is presented with music and footage on a GIANT SCREEN. The participants on stage live out the incredible experience that the audience sees on the screen. Every hypnotized participant will believe they have left the room. Participants that were later interviewed all believed they were actually on the beach, at CLUB MED in Cuba, or racing a F1 at Monte Carlo or white water rafting on the Colorado River. They will lose their inhibitions and become fashion models and body builders before your very eyes. SUITABLE FOR AUDIENCES OF ALL AGES The Hypnotist performance will never overstep the boundaries of good taste ensuring that the audience laughs with the participants, not at them. Participants are always treated with kindness and respect. The show is comical and always classy and tasteful. We offer you an exceptional and memorable occasion with friends, customers and colleagues. Share the experience as HYPNOTIST Alan Ferland, with his suggestions to volunteers on stage, has volunteers travel all over the world, and transform them into international stars. FIND OUT WHY, LONG AFTER THE SHOW... ...PEOPLE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT.