The Baguettes

Montpelier, VT

About The Baguettes

Intimate jazz with a Parisian flare Have a ball with the Baguettes, as Rob Fletcher (chromatic harmonica and chord harmonica) and Theo Michelfeld (guitar) play a potpourri of jaunty jazz standards such as Mood Indigo and Round Midnight, as well as chansons d’amour from the cafes of Paris and around the world. The Baguettes are the weary homemaker’s companion to daily tedious chores, the breadwinner’s bromo at the end of a doldrum day, and the family’s guarantee for sparkling musical champagne. There is no place for recession or depression with the optimistic sounds of The Baguettes. Slack times and pessimism no longer have a place in your newly joie-ful vivre. You might as well dispel any thoughts other than progress, enthusiasm and confidence. The champs of the Elysses, the Baguettes will make your ears say, “sacre bleu!” and your feet go, “ring-a-ding-ding.” (With thanks and apologies to Noel R. Kramer, whose liner notes from The Three Suns’ classic 1958 RCA album Having a Ball With the Three Suns were plagiarized above.)