41 Connolly Street, Moncton, NB

About Scarlett

Moncton New Brunswick's SCARLETT is a testament that raw talent and honesty can still prevail in an ailing local music scene. Heavily influenced by the big-band rock n’ roll sounds of the 70’s and onwards, Scarlett has been going strong for nearly a decade. Scarlett continues to tour the Maritimes and beyond, bringing their unique blend of soft rock and pop hits to countless corporate events, music festivals, local nightclubs and weddings. With an unwavering work ethic, singer/guitarist/pianist Piero Baiani, vocalist Francine Bailey, bassist Alain Poirier, drummer Stephane Caissie, and lead guitarist Marcus LeBlanc have helped to define the landscape of today's local cover/party band scene. The backbone of their work? Meticulously chosen material—from the Four Seasons to Bruno Mars—that hook into you.