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About Truly ExtravEvent

Extravagant Defined: Cambridge Dictionary defines extravagant as: “spending too much money, or using too much of something”. If anything, Truly ExtravEvent is guilty of the latter—using too much creativity. I believe that with the right setting, decorations, vendors, and an added touch of creativity, any event can be extravagant…and you don’t have to necessarily break the bank to do it. Ultimately, it’s all about the overall look and feel of your event. I’m here to offer my creative input as we go through the planning process, bringing your ideas to life, and making your next event Truly ExtravEvent. About the owner: Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been the person who enjoys thinking outside of the box. From class projects and DIY gifts to home décor and seasonal festive setups, I’m known for putting my creative spin on everything that I touch. Mix that with my competitive nature and there’s been some pretty over-the-top things I have created —“extravagant”, if you will. After thinking up usable inventions for the real world in elementary school, winning design and art competitions in middle and high school, and earning things like “Employee of the Month” for corporate events I planned, I knew my creative knack was real. With over 20 years experience with planning events for friends, family, and coworkers/companies, I’ve decided it’s time to share my creative flair with the world--or at least the Twin Cities area. So, are you ready to party? Allow me to plan your next wedding, prom, baby shower, birthday, company party, or holiday event. No event is off limits. Reach out to me for an initial FREE consultation. Looking forward to working with you!

Package Pricing

$500 - $10,000 /event
Pricing for all event types