Chowgirls Killer Catering

1222 Second Street NorthEast, Minneapolis, MN


Best Local, Organic, and Vegan-Friendly Caterers in the Twin Cities! - An Eventective User from Minneapolis, MN

I used Chowgirls to cater a professional networking event after I was a guest at a wedding that they catered. At the wedding, I was impressed by a number of things, and they did such a remarkable job that I (and several other folks) got their information from the bride and groom, who had only great things to say about the process of working with them, picking the menu, and the prices. When I was a wedding guest, the most impressive thing to me was that they had meat, vegetarian, and vegan options, and all three were home runs. In my experience, even if you manage to find a caterer who is willing and able to do something vegan (that is actually vegan when delivered), it's going to pale in comparison to the meat option. I'm vegan, and not only loved the entree, but was thrilled that there were also vegan dessert options (most caterers just refuse to do vegan deserts because they don't know how). The vegan options were amazing, and the other guests raved about the vegetarian and meat options. Chowgirls did every part of the menu right, and made sure that vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores had plenty to eat for every course. Chowgirls was the obvious choice when it came time to hire a caterer for an event, but my only concern was the price because they're local and organic. After comparing them to other conventional catering services, I realized that Chowgirls prices aren't too much higher, and in many cases, were comparable, but the difference in quality, service, and options was extraordinary. They were the only catering company that could provide vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options including desserts, and they were also by far the most pleasant company that I spoke with. Their servers are fantastic, and they do a great job with setup and cleanup. Even better, their services are a la carte; you can choose to do the set up, cleanup, and even the serving yourself to save money, or they can do it for you (and their process are pretty reasonable).