Luis Diaz Quintet

PO Box 240324, Milwaukee, WI

About Luis Diaz Quintet

Powerhouse acoustic jazz with a strong Latin component, the band is clearly inspired by Eddie Palmieri (there's even a tune called "Palmieri's Mood" featuring his cohort Brian Lynch) but is far from derivative. Pianist Rick Germanson shows extraordinary invention and range, pounding the keys into oblivion on the swinging numbers (title track), but playing tenderly on the jazz standard "When I Fall In Love"; bassist Jim Paolo likewise is equally at home providing a slow, funky foundation on Horace Silver's "Safari" or leaping all over the fretboard on "Palmieri's Mood." Trumpeter Mike Flog wrote most of the originals (including the lovely "Ballad For Lynn") and plays compact, melodic solos, and drummer David Bayles backs everything up with a disarming light touch. In fact, the band member making the smallest audible contribution is the leader/producer, percussionist Diaz, whose work on congas is solid but unsurprising. Then again, why show off when your band is this solid