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133 W. Pittsburgh Ave, Studio #410, Milwaukee, WI
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Jennifer has built her photographic style around solid documentary skills, humor and good relationships. She is dedicated to preserving the memory of her clients wedding day through getting to know them as a couple. She infuses her professionalism with a great sense of humor and a laid back attitude while maintaining stellar attention and organization skills acquired through seven years working in customer service. She studies photography in modern media to keep up with new techniques as well as studying the classics in film photography to maintain a solid foundation in composition and lighting styles. Jennifer limits herself to 30 wedding commissions per year in order to maintain the best possible relationship and service for her clients. She has been shooting weddings for three years. Jennifer has done work with the Society for Photographic Education as well as with the New York Institute of Photography. She is a member of the Professional Photographer's Association as well. Jennifer also has a strong background in music. She frequently photographs live bands and performances, which adds to her skill in shooting in low light and changing conditions. Additionally, she loves theater and films. Her fondness for movies gives her regular exposure to fresh concepts in shooting, lighting and dramatic themes. She takes all of her experiences in life and the art she is exposed to, and funnels them into a beautiful interpretation of your wedding day.
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