Craig John Photography

Milwaukee, WI

About Craig John Photography

Craig John Photography always loved good photography & some people say a photo is worth a 1,000 words. To me, a compelling photo can tell an entire story worth thousands of words. But I haven't always wanted to be a photographer, nor did I choose to be a photographer. It chose me. While a graphic designer, I spent a lot of time art directing commercial shoots with amazing studio photographers and food stylists. We worked on projects for Birds Eye Foods, Breyers Ice Cream, Johnsonville, and Kraft Foods. But I never spent a lot of time behind the lens. That all changed when I purchased my 'first serious camera' after dropping my point and shoot in a pool at a Mexican resort. And once I had that new camera, I had a whole new creative outlet. I began shooting everything. Being a hopeless romantic at heart, I finally turned my camera on a wedding as a second photographer — I was helping a friend in need. The bride told me, “I love your work, just be yourself and do your thing”. Through my lens, I was able to see a wedding in a way very few people get to see. I was completely drawn into the romantic (many times hectic) and magical day. The entire day engulfed me and drew me in. I was wrapped up in every little nuance and moment as they surrounded me. So there I stood, at the unimaginable fork in the road: Graphic designer to the right. Wedding photographer to the left.