Brent Pilgrim Music

Milton, ON

About Brent Pilgrim Music

Maybe this sounds like you? You're listening to your favourite song and you bust out the most intense, mind blowing air-guitar solo the world has ever seen!... but you wish that you could some day do it on an actual guitar. Or, maybe the latest #1 pop music hit is just begging to be translated onto your trusty ukulele! Are campfire sessions coming up and you have a list of songs that you know are going to be a big hit? Is a solid bass line calling your name? Maybe you need to keep that rhythm tight since you're part of the backbone of your new cover band! PRIVATE 1-ON-1 MUSIC LESSONS IN MILTON, ON AND EVERYWHERE ONLINE / VIRTUALLY! It's all about your interests and your goals! Got a song you want to learn how to play?... Let's find out that first chord to get us started. Not sure how to shape that chord?... We'll figure that out too! Need to figure out a progression but having trouble knowing what key it's in?... Let's sprinkle in some theory to help us understand it a bit more! How did that guitar player know where to start for that solo?... We'll break it down! Your lessons are tailored to you!

Event Pricing

30 or 60 minute lessons
$25 - $50 /hour
Pricing for parties only
  • Special Features: Weekly lessons are: $25 for 30 minutes or $50 for 60 minutes Your first lesson is FREE! We'll arrange a date and time for you to come meet me and see the space where we'll rock out together.