Wesleyan University

166 Lincoln St Middletown, CT
Package Pricing
Event Spaces
107 Shanklin Pac 001
Beckham Hall 5 Hours Or Less
Beckham Hall Full Day
Daniel Family Commons Dining, Reception Area & Terrace - Full Day
Daniel Family Commons Dining, Reception Area & Terrace - Half Day
Memorial Chapel
Memorial Chapel With Use Of Pavilion
Memorial Chapel Zelnick Pavilion
Russell House
Science Center 150
Science Center Woodhead Lounge
Smaller Classrooms
South College B2/B3
Usdan Meeting Room 108
Usdan Meeting Room 110
Mystic, CT  
Capacity: 220
$90-$140 per event
MYSTIC… the very term conjures up a magical place where ancient ships rest, where tales of the sea are recounted, where belugas, sea lions and penguins live together under one roof, where an historic downtown pulses with an eclectic restaurant and entertainment scene. Mystic is the place where you will find the sights and sounds of New England and at its heart is Hilton Mystic. Modeled after the brick mills that dotted the landscape in the 1900’s, renewed by a major transformation in 2015, the Hilton combines its unique location with passionate customer service and the style and comfort you expect from Hilton.