Clique Photo Station

460 N. Roca Circle, Mesa, AZ

About Clique Photo Station

Clique is the BEST photo station out there! High quality instant prints, live slideshow and an open air red carpet feel to every pic. Even the booth itself has a sleek design and shiny white look that will be a perfect fit in any venue! We wanted a photo booth at our wedding but just weren't happy with the traditional climb inside booth that took small strips of pics (most of which seem to get left behind) and couldn't fit bigger groups. The quality of the pics we saw from most booths also left a lot to be desired. So, after having to go without at our own wedding, we decided to make the best booth out there! The result was Clique Photo Station!! Better than a booth, Clique Photo Station is an open air photo station that takes incredible high quality photos with professional camera and lighting equipment all tucked neatly into 2'x1.5' station that is pure white with a super sleek design. You get to control the fun with a remote control that let's you snap the pick after you've lined yourseld up perfect in the monitor. Clique instantly prints a quality 4x6 photo with your special message or monogram overlaid. The best part of all is that Clique also automatically adds the photo to a slideshow of every photo taken throughout the night for everyone to see from the dance floor dinner table, or wherever they are. Clique is always a hit and swarmed by people having a blast. We know how difficult and complicated planning a wedding can be, so we're dedicated to making Clique an easy step to take. We accept all forms of payment, don't need a lot of space, set up and breakdown easily and bring everything we need. There are no special requirements, fees, or crazy contract fine print. Our rates or straightforward and competitive with old booths that offer a lot less service.