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Designs of the Times is the Best! - An Eventective User from Melbourne Fl

I am not one to purchase flowers often, frequently florists only during the mothers day holiday or for a funeral or some other like minded celebration. My significant other, however, frequents the florists of our hometown to find the freshest, sweetest flowers for me to show his appreciation. My favorite flower is the gardenia, which is a seasonal flower, and additionally it is a flower that wilts fairly quickly once it has been plucked from the bush. I warned my boyfriend of this and told him he never needed to get me that flower, but he embarked on a search for it anyways. Designs of the Times florist shop in our home town of melbourne florida has so far been the only florist shop that has been able to deliver gardenias to us that are still in excellent shape and smell fantastic. The scent of these flowers is the very reason why I love them so much and the store bent over backwards so to speak, to get me those flowers and in amazingly fresh condition. In appreciation I took my business to them when it came time to order my mother flowers, and I had them shipped across the state to Sarasota florida to her for a very reasonable price. I heard only raves about how good her flowers looked, and how these had a stronger scent to them that the previous flowers I had sent. To ship the flowers across state and still have them arrive in a fresher condition than those at a local florist is impressive to say the least!