3282 Madrona Lane, Medford, OR

About JustaDuo

JustaDuo provides music with true soul, heartfelt tunes and songs that ring with familiarity. Alois Henderson and Albert Lee comprise the easy listening duo available for wineries, wedding receptions and small venues. Demos available for your listening. Rogue Valley’s Premier Singing Duo brings a truly eclectic mix of music that is soulful, heartfelt and rings with familiarity. Melding great vocals, guitar, keys and stage presence into every performance makes JustaDuo, the Rogue Valley’s Premier Singing Duo. JustaDuo burst on the scene this year to rave reviews. The Duo is the brain child of Albert Lee who wanted to continue to perform after leaving Hog Wild. He was looking for a different path and searched out and found Alois to partner with and formed the duo. Albert found a truly hidden gem in Alois who has settled nicely into the spot light and continues to amaze as a talented and soulful singer. As a team, JustaDuo takes on the challenges of rehearsal, performance and personal lives with equal vigor. Their passion comes thru in the music at their performances, which is why they really are the Rogue Valley’s Premier Singing Duo.