North Texas Xtreme Gaming

McKinney, TX

About North Texas Xtreme Gaming

Mobile Video Gaming and Mobil Laser Tag. We bring our Video Game Trailer or our Laser Tag setup, or both, to make your event memorable and provide a great time for the participants. Five Wide-Screen HDTV's in each of our trailers provide the gaming entertainment in front of stadium seats with room for the whole crowd! Incredible sound adds to the action with soundbars on every TV. A Huge 60" HDTV is located in the "Action Station" at the front of the theater. We have Xbox One, Xbox0, Wii U, Wii and PS4 games for your enjoyment. North Texas Xtreme Laser Tag is the ultimate Birthday Party that comes to you! We bring out our High Tech Taggers, Utility Boxes and Bunkers to set up the field for an exciting, fast paced Laser Tag experience. Instead of sitting down playing HALO, you get to act it out on the field. All the fun of paintball without the pain!