Franklin Farms Event Venue LLC

7520 OSCAR LONG ROAD, Marysville, IN

About Franklin Farms Event Venue LLC

Franklin Farms is a family owned farm nestled near New Washington, IN. It is owned by Peg & Greg Hostettler who grew up in the small town and have found their way back from Franklin, TN. The Hostettler’s vision for the farm is to create an event space that magnifies your dream wedding, corporate retreat or family event. The farm itself encompasses the meaning of family. It is ran by Peg, Greg and their three sons, Logan, Lincoln & Lane — amongst many other family members. The name Franklin Farms stems from Peg Franklin Hostettler alongside her seven brothers and sisters, Dave, Bonnie, Pat, Bub, Tuff, Ed + Kathy.. When Peg was a little girl, she had visited the farm many times over and fell in love with the house, the land and everything about the property. The Franklin’s all reside within a 10 mile radius of the farm and can all be found there on a given day. A look into the future of Franklin Farms includes Weddings and Corporate Retreats. It will be a fully rent-able venue including a Carriage House, The Franklin House, the Barn and the Grainery. We look forward to growing with community and being able to create a fun and memorable experience at Franklin Farms just like Peg had when she was growing up.
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