Tuscany Italian Specialty Foods

130A Route 79, Maple Tree Plaza, Marlboro, NJ
Great For Any Occasion! - An Eventective User from Howell NJ

I've worked for this catering company for over two years now, and I can assure you that they provide the highest level of service for their customers and have fantastic food. Before I started working in this store I was a customer for several years so I've been on both ends of the spectrum in this establishment, the owner is very friendly and gets along well with all his customers. I've had an event of my own catered to and have catered to numerous events in my experience and can comfortably say everything always goes as planned. The atmosphere inside of the store is very authentic Italian, smells of prosciutto bread, warm fresh mozzarella, all accompanied by a little frank sinatra, it's dangerous territory for a hungry shopper if you know what I mean. The store is family owned and has various locations all over the state so they're not hard to find, all the stores are within about a half hour or so of each other to assure customers always have what they need in case one store runs out of something. It's understandable that customers have a budget when it comes to big events, and the staff is aware of this, the owner tries to settle in at a fair price while placing your order (takes tax off for good customers, pay cash it's less, etc) to make your experience the best one possible. I highly recommend this catering service because as an employee and a customer I've seen the true colors of this working staff and how they operate and they are just as genuine behind closed doors.