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Manchester, TN

About Ta'Ja Events & More

Phillisa Buchanan Founded Ta` Ja Events & More out of a passion for events and a love of all things Stylish & Glamourous. It is said that Phillisa is bringing BIG CITY STYLE to all of Tennessee! From Barn to Ballroom and everything in between, Phillisa and her team can create weddings and events with ORGINALITY and FLAIR. DARE TO BE YOU! There is a feeling of freedom any client will feel when working with Phillisa Buchanan, freedom to be unique, probably because she just makes you feel so darn comfortable!  She`s fun, stylish, a woman of faith, easy going yet in full command of her craft as an event planner and designer with fresh new and chic ideas that only an artist coming onto a new scene can bring!  She invites you to join her on this journey. SIT BACK RELAX AND WATCH YOUR EVENT UNFOLD AND SHINE! WHAT DOES Ta`Ja MEAN?Phillisa`s Answer Is : " Well it`s my kids and grandbabies initials. T for TaCccara & Ta'Neesa & Tommie (son n law) A for AnTwan, Ashley (daughter in law) granddaughter A'Ja ,  J for grandson Ja'Vionne!" She even came up with a way to sum up her service perfectly! .. T is for thoughtful, caring A is for accord, the harmony we spread J is for jewel, the sparkle that will shine in your eyes A is for accomplished, in all that has been achieved