The Carver Group

P. O. Box 39, Manchester, MD

About The Carver Group

John Carver, President of The Carver Group, believes in the POTENTIAL in EVERY HUMAN BEING! He believes that EVERY HUMAN BEING has gifts and talents that have not been realized. Mr. Carver provides INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION and EDUCATION so people can realize their GENIUS! The Carver Group is about PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION!! It is a place for YOU to understand how you are “wired,” to identify that wiring and leverage that “wiring” to redesign your entire life whereby you can realize, complete, satisfaction with your life. Each human being has one of four temperaments that have very unique characteristics that are often ignored or not understood. These traits, if understood and maximized, can transform your life in a way you cannot imagine. In addition, The Carver Group helps individuals, groups and companies identify the various, hidden, traits that each human being has but does not recognize them. When this happens people are “stuck” in a life of being “average and ordinary.” The Carver Group believes that each human being is SPECIAL and UNIQUELY CREATED to be EXTRAORDINARY! Most people, however, do NOT KNOW what it takes to reach that level of EXCELLENCE in their own life. The Carver Group opens up people minds to what can be and how to achieve their goals and dreams in life. John teaches thousands of people, each week, what it takes to overcome difficulties and obstructions in their lives in order to go from mediocrity to excellence. His teachings are ancient as well as new. John can bring instant direction to the American public in ways they haven’t experienced in their lives. In today’s economy America needs the words and experience of John Carver. John also has a half-hour daily radio/internet show at http://www.