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About EWMedia Group

Founded in 1984, EWMedia has evolved into a company that provides consulting and support services for special events. EWMedia can handle any part of an event including: booth vendors, project planning, sponsorship, PR, both traditional and social media, event management, subcontracting service vendors, staffing and managing event staff and recruiting, managing & training volunteers. In most of our events, we recruit and manage the vendors. How we work with Festivals & Vendors EWMedia’s prime benefit to your event is profitability. On the other hand, the biggest benefit we provide vendors is connecting them with successful festivals. EWMedia helps festivals set their booth prices at competitive rates rather than the usual norm, which usually seems to be wild guesses. We create the application for the festival, market the festival to our list of 4,000 vendors and provide the staff to manage the vendors at the festival. Because we represent both vendors and festivals, we are able to modulate and improve festival policies to benefit both the organization and the vendors. This allows us to guarantee that festivals will attract both quality and quantity vendor participation. Tools for Festivals When it started doing business, EWMedia realized that many small events could not accept credit cards, do online ticketing, or accept online applications. EWMedia’s Web Site (http://www.ewmediagroup.com) provides clients that capability. EWMedia will market a festival to vendors, accept and screen their applications, collect their booth fees and manage them at your event. As an added bonus, we charge only 3.5% for credit card transactions. Other events charge considerably more. EWMedia sends clients weekly vendor reports and payments representing the previous week’s activity. Our web site also has the capability of handling ticket sales if you need that capability. Newsletter EWMedia communicates with festivals and vendors through a newsletter that goes out monthly to the 4,000 vendors on our list. In addition, we distribute this newsletter through several other databases and web sites. It reaches search engines through these web sites. Devoid of advertising, the newsletter lists festivals including their location, attendance and registration details. Most listings are festivals that EWMedia works with directly. In some cases, the newsletter lists other well run festivals as a service to the vendors. Promoting Your Festival to Vendors and the Public In addition to the Newsletter and the impact it makes, EWMedia employs a team of part-time specialists who list our events on both local and vendor-specific web sites. On the Facebook Page we maintain for vendors we create an event page for each festivals we work. We know these pages, although conspicuously branded “VENDORS ONLY” attract many non-vendors. This year, one of these event pages scored 1.1 million hits. EWMedia’s Web Site – www.ewmediagroup.com On this site, vendors can: • Download applications • Fill out and submit applications online • Pay booth fees online • Find the current schedule Why use EWMedia for your event. Dealing with vendors has a steep learning curve and few people have the temperament to handle it. Because of the EWMedia’s strong reputation and the large number of vendors we deal with, we will increase vendor participation at your festival. Many promoters liken EWMedia’s participation in their festival to having “found money.” We have also found that the attendance at your festival is directly proportional to vendor attendance. Using of mailing lists and social media, vendors bring their following to festivals.