Sarah Lee Welch Weddings LLC

2126 S Custer Ave, Loveland, CO

About Sarah Lee Welch Weddings LLC

I’m Sarah Lee, luxury wedding photographer, and I am here to help you have the best day of your life. I will create a gorgeous wedding love story for you, giving you the pleasure of reliving your memories for generations to come! With the last 16 years and over 400 weddings, I have the knowledge, expertise, and most importantly the PASSION to be the best photographer for your wedding. My dedication, work ethic, and love for my career, ensures that you will receive incredible portraits. Whether it’s helping you plan your dream wedding, designing your heirloom album, or helping you feel comfortable in front of my lens, I believe I am the best choice for you! Imagine not cherishing every touch, every kiss, and every smile. True love lasts forever, let’s make sure your wedding day does too!