Jeremy Weinglass - Pianist Extraordinaire

Los Angeles, CA

About Jeremy Weinglass - Pianist Extraordinaire

Jeremy has been performing professionally at weddings and events since the age of 12. Now 31, Jeremy is experienced and professional with a young, hip and fresh repertoire and appearance. He is classically trained and has a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition, yet he plays a wide range of genres and styles to please all crowds from Beethoven to Cold Play as well as his original compositions. He has played at the Beverly Hilton for the past 4 years, played at Nordstrom for 9 years and has toured with Engelbert Humperdinck among many other accomplishments. While he has a wide ranging repertoire at his fingertips, he is able to learn new songs quickly or sight-read and accompany singers on the spot. When it comes to playing weddings, he is happy to learn and master any specific requests for the ceremony or first dance. He can even write original music for the event if desired. Please call for more information!