About Frontier Kitchen

Frontier Kitchen Catering offers more choices of food and style for your event than any single catering company. Why? Because we have dozens of professional chefs to choose from which means you get more choices than ever before. You tell us what you want and our catering department makes magic. Want to use more than one Frontier Kitchen member? No problem. Not exactly sure what you want? Our Director will walk you through all the options to match your event. From big budgets to small affairs, our members are happy to help you. Need decorations or dishes? No problem. Our catering specialists will handle everything and you can feel great knowing that you are supporting local food, and small businesses all without the inconvenience of running around town and managing multiple vendors. We are happy to help you. Please fill out our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Prefer to speak with a human? Call Frontier Kitchen at *NOT DISPLAYED* .