J7 Sports Event Management

336 Forest Park Circle, Longwood, FL

About J7 Sports Event Management

J7 Sports can offer you the most affordable package of foot race services in the Orlando area. As some of your customers look to host fitness runs with their conventions and/or seminars, you want to provide them with the right services at the right price. As where most road race management companies use an rfid computer chip for the runners and have associated high fees in the 1000's of dollars, J7 Sports uses standard barcode technology. "The Race Director" program allows for accurate, timely race results at a price that cannot be beat. Though there are a number of services a race event manager could need, the basic services price charged by J7 Sports is $500 for computer scoring and timing, a finish line clock, a finish line chute, and course markers. Further services and transportation would be discussed. I am available for race services from Monday morning to Saturday night each week. I could travel out of state, which would be affordable for you considering my standard services fee. Let me know if you would like to take advantage of this arrangement. I look forward to hearing from you -