Ambrosia Dance Instruction Services

3780 Kilroy Airport Way Suite 200, Long Beach, CA
Ambrosia Event Services is America's premiere award-winning event service company based in Southern California, featuring 25 in-house event services, one of which is our dance instruction services. We not only specialize in organizing events, but have all the resources and services you'll need in-house to save you the hassle of running around town interviewing a multitude of vendors to create your spectacular event. Ambrosia has a team of friendly, professional, and expert dance instructors for our brides and grooms so they will have the poise, skill, and confidence to perform before their guests on their wedding. The reason people come to us is because dancing is not limited to monumental events like weddings or anniversaries alone, but for anyone who’d like to learn a new skill and would prefer private individualized dance lessons. At Ambrosia, we take pride in our concierge services and our amazing instructors, offering quality services to our busy professional clientele, who appreciate the benefits of dancing as one of the best methods for cultivating one’s grace, self-confidence, rhythm, appreciation of music, and overall physical conditioning. Types of classes offered are: • Salsa • Ballroom • Beginner-Professional Types of basic packages: 7 Lessons - for a solid first dance, choreography included: o This will allow most couples to feel confident on the dance floor, learn the basics of dancing together, lead and follow, and learn some fun choreographed moves set to the music, including an entrance and dip/exit 12 Lessons - an expanded package with personalizing options. o Couples who want a more elaborate choreography- ala dancing with the stars o For couple who want to do a special surprise dance or a few songs spliced together (does not include music cutting- this is worked out with couples DJ if necessary o Couples that want lessons for themselves, but also want to do parent dances (father/daughter; mother/son). Lessons can be distributed however is deemed best by the couple and Ambrosia working in tandem o For those that feel they need extra help and extra lessons