Teakle Family Circus

710 River Road, Lockport, MB

About Teakle Family Circus

The “Teakle Family Circus” is made up of three super talented and internationally award-winning, Winnipeg-based siblings that will entertain and and inspire! They bring their unique brand of sibling antics combined with truly world class skills to every performance! Whether it's a birthday party, corporate event, festival stage, or fundraiser, the Teakle Family Circus will bring a high level of fun, skill, and professionalism to your event! Don't be fooled by our ages – we've been entertaining audiences large and small for over 4 years and performed over 100 shows in 2018 alone for events of all sizes! Some of our recent events include the Red River Ex, Niverville Fair, Fringe Festival Main Stage, Rockin on the Red, and many more! Contact us today for more information! ABOUT THE PERFORMERS: Jonny is an ultra talented technical juggler – specializing in clubs and performing tricks only a handful of people in all of Canada (and the world) are able to do - including juggling 7 balls in his show! On December 15th 2017, Jonathan became the first ever Canadian to win GOLD in the Junior Overall Championship at the World Juggling Federation's Annual competition in Las Vegas!! Sarah is one of the top "circus style" hula hoop performers in Canada, and has been recognized for her skills by performers as far away as Australia! She was one of 6 finalists for 2016 Youth Hooper of the year worldwide (hooping.org)! Jacob started juggling a couple years after his brother, and he has quickly become one of Manitoba's top jugglers. Jacob's favourite juggling prop and area of focus is rings – and he is a particularly talented “pass-juggler”. He is one of only a few people in North America that has successfully qualified a run of passing 11 rings at a time!