About DSM4

DSM4 stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and we thought that between the five of us, not including all of our other personalities and mental disorders, we represent a good percentage of the manual. Now don't get all paranoid and think we're trying to diagnose you immediately when our primary objective is make sure you have a great time and maybe help you diagnose yourself? That said, there are many sides to DSM4, in fact so many sides we like to consider ourselves well-rounded...or maybe just round? It is our mission to ignite, excite and incite the crowd so that as we get to know you better we can further psychoanalyze you and ultimately label you:) DSM4 is currently AVAILABLE FOR ACOUSTIC AND ELECTRIC GIGS always expanding our list of cover songs which range from 90s music to present (with some 70s/80s sprinkled in for nostalgia). Finally, we are working on our first album which will be released August of 2016. DSM4 MEMBERS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Steve Ontiveros (guitar, vocals, keyboard, percussion, what else Steve?): Texas born, Steve Ontiveros has been playing guitar & drums since the mid 70's. Having been in several bands over the decades he has played many different styles of music. His main influences are classic rock bands from the 70s and 80s and of course...Texas blues. His main guitar is a 1985 Carvin DC200 Koa wood with stereo jacks & current pedal boards consist of a Boss ME-X with a modded Blues Driver distortion and classic Ibanez TS-9 distortion also a Super Shifter for whammy bar effects. He is always searching for that perfect sound. Jay Ashton (vocals, guitar, percussion, interpretive dance and games of the mind): Jay was born and raised in NOVA. Influences range from Led Zeppelin to the Doors and everyting in between up to the modern rock era including but not limited to Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Jay enjoys performing live, especially when he remembers the lyrics and he uses a Shure SM58 Beta wireless microphone so that he makes sure to get in and around all the fun lovin happy crazy people!! Jay is looking forward to playing at your private party, or corporate event. Mark Cappo (drums, vocals, guitar, percussion) Originally from New Jersey, Mark grew up in a musical family. His Grandfather was the leader of a big band, had his own nightclub and his own variety show on PBS. He was the driving musical force in the family and all of his kids and grand-kids were taught to appreciate music at a very young age. Mark started playing drums at age 6 and bass at age 9. After many years of switching between the two, he committed to playing bass “full-time” after moving to NY at age 23 and playing for a successful cover band. He was later invited to play with Steam, Freddie Scott, and Vanilla Fudge. However, moves to Florida and Virginia gave him the chance to return to drumming after a short run with an 11 piece horn band. Trevor Ontiveros (guitar, vocals, himself): Trevor has been playing guitar since 2010 and when he joined the band he had to learn 40 songs in 2 weeks for his first show at the Blue Fox in Winchester. A natural on guitar w/ solid rhythm & excellent vocalist. Trevor writes his own original compositions. His main guitar is a Fender Squire Telecaster and custom Epiphone Explorer. Keith Veler (bass, vocals): Keith was born in Philadelphia, PA., moving around as a child from Philadelphia to Long Island, NY, to Roanoke, VA and then to Des Moines, IA, Keith had several different musical influences. Keith has worked with different types of musicians in his musical career taking pieces of each to groom his musical influences. Keith played in bands traveling around the Midwest including X-Static and Crackle, both Top 40 bands, Tomahawks, a metal band and The Johnny D Band, a country band. Keith also started a DJ Entertainment business catering to weddings and dance clubs and added karaoke to the list of services provided.