1451 O St., Ste. 100, Lincoln, NE
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Abloom Flowers Makes Me Smile - An Eventective User from Lincoln, NE

Abloom is a cool floral store. Most of the florists I've been to (and I don't make a habit of going to florists) seem like they cater to my grandparents' tastes. In contrast, Abloom makes stylish arrangements that are bright, cheery, and fun. While they do have some arrangements made up ahead of time, what I've always done is give them what it was for, a price I was looking to spend, and maybe a specific flower or a color I wanted I wanted to be used. They' usually run an idea or two past me, take my payment and delivery information, and get to work. I've been pleased every time I've gotten flowers from Abloom. More importantly, the people I've had the flowers delivered to have been delighted with what received. They're generous with the number of flowers you get and they use a lot of neat and unusual greenery to enhance the arrangement. A nice, extra touch is that they add colorful ribbon to the vase that compliments the flowers. I don't know what they do, but the flowers always stay alive longer than you would expect. Their shop is small but seems big because of the VERY high ceilings. When you walk in, the room is dominated by a large table out front where they do all their arrangements. There's a smallish walk-in cooler where they have their flowers stored. The area with the cooler forms an island you can walk around to check out gifts items. It seems like every time I go in, there's dozens of arrangements near the door, ready to be delivered. Abloom is located on O Street in Downtown Local it's probably the only place on O between 14th & 15th that ISN'T a bar or restaurant but since they're open only during the day, you're not bumping into the downtown bar crowd. Long story short: I've been happy with Abloom. Even though the flowers might be a little more expensive than other florists, the quality of the work and the service make it worth it.