About Donna Buja

What a wonderful blessing to have found the person you are going to spend the rest of your life loving. When two people are made for each other, they are best friends from the beginning and two hearts of the same spirit looking for each other. Now that you have found each other, you are ready to spend the rest of your lives together. Happily every after is not just for fairy tales, it is meant for both of you. As a devoted couple, you are now planning and learning together to become one on your wedding day. Your wedding ceremony and vows will reflect the uniqueness of your personal relationship and celebrate your love for each other, a love that has brought you to this memorable moment in your lives. A marriage is a promise that two hearts willingly pledge with love. It is also a promise to be tender, to help, to give and also to take. Your vows may also promise to be kind and understanding, thoughtful and considerate, fair and undemanding. Ultimately, a marriage is a promise to share one life together - a love filled promise forever, and the joy of dreams come true. As an ordained, non-denominational, interfaith Minister, I will be happy to perform your ceremony at your chosen location. We will work together to create a romantic and memorable wedding ceremony. Whether it is formal or casual, the celebration will reflect your love story and create a cherished memory for you, your family and friends.