Blossom Talent

PO Box 401446, Las Vegas, NV

About Blossom Talent

Blossom is a versatile talent agency based in Las Vegas. We help our clients to organize extraordinary events and fulfill their goals. Whether you are looking for hostesses, brand ambassadors, trade show models, promotional models, production assistants, dancers or musicians for your event or exhibition, let us know your request and we'll connect you with the best talent in the industry. We also offer special services such as event photography/videography, themed performance and photo booths to create an incredible experience for your guests or attendees. What we do? We are a talent agency that supplies the right professionals for events including: Hostesses Brand Ambassadors Performers Dancers Musicians Promotional Models Convention Models Certified Models for Liquor Promotions Atmosphere Models Models for music videos, runway and print Production Assistants Themed Performers Photo booths, videography and photography services to cover various events. Convention Models We can connect you with convention models for your events. The models are professionally trained to greet attendees, brief them about products/services and create interest, distribute marketing materials and gather leads. Our models wear attire based on the event needs and the image you wish to portray. Promotional Models We connect you to attractive promotional models who can create a hype for your brand and its products/services. They have the power of persuasion while interacting with people and they’ll surely enhance your brand’s demand. Brand Ambassadors We offer brand ambassadors for trade shows and promotions who can create brand awareness while engaging the customers. Models for Liquor Promotion We connect you to models who are certified for liquor promotions. They are professionally trained and certified.. They educate the customers and enhance sales of your product. Dancers and Musicians We have a team of dancers and musicians who can add spark to any dance event. We can provide belly dancer, samba dancers, ballerinas and other dancers as well as musicians for various events. Runway & Hair Models We have diverse models who have done catwalk and hair shows in the past. The attire and hairstyle will depend on your requirements. Atmosphere Models We offer models who can create ambience and themes for special events and nightclubs. The can add verve to any event. Models for music videos and commercials We have attractive models who can feature in commercials and music videos to promote your products/services and spread brand awareness.