Amy Ash and The Volcanoes

Lancaster, PA

About Amy Ash and The Volcanoes

As a band with some of the best Lancaster County musicians around, Amy Ash and The Volcanoes members are well known in the music scene and are sure to bring in a good crowd. The band consists of Amy Ash, a soulful singer with a powerful voice and a great look...Mike Bitts, one of the best bass players around as a member of internationally known The Innocence Mission...Thomas Webb, drummer for Plan B and The Dave Holt Band...and Paul Columbo, one of the most well known great guitar players around! The Volcanoes put on a great show, making each "old favorite" song their own...Amy Ash and The Volcanoes are sure to be the band to book in 2010-2011...and would like the opportunity to book with you! The band advertises heavily to over 400 friends (among all band members) on Facebook...and using Amy Ash's marketing background and savvy has the tools necessary to draw a crowd! You can listen to some sample tunes sung by Amy Ash on and visit the Amy Ash page on Facebook!/AmyAshSings.