Visions by Ehsan / Vision of Unity and Peace

28062 Forbes Road Suite A Laguna Niguel, CA
Fine Art Painter, Ehsan, envisions 2,000 paintings in his Vision of Unity. A unique, but fitting, wedding gift. Or combine it with set(s) of the Visionary Art, or the entire, lifetime collection. For gifts of lasting purpose and value, consider Ehsan's Point of View or other fine originals and prints. Ehsan, a name whose purposeful painting will endure lifetimes. Ehsan, painting to advance charity, unity and peace to a world in need.
Package Pricing

Ehsan, Painting to Advance Charity, Love and Peace to a world in need.

$2,500 Per Event
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Amazing Speaker/Leader, sgiru718601 from LOS ANGELES, CA

Ehsan is captivating, engaging, honest and direct in the depths of his longing and searching then realization of true unity, through charity and giving of oneself. His recognition after such a journey, is a testament to the gift he was given to paint.