Nirvana Catering

303 Broadway St, Ste 101, Laguna Beach, CA

About Nirvana Catering

Committed to offering delicious food and impeccable service, our uniquely fresh menu allows a kitchen full of high-quality ingredients to take center stage. We specify our food as Contemporary 'Clean' California Cuisine. Our "ingredients-first" philosophy begins at the local level, working closely with purveyors to ensure access to the best-available provisions so we can change menus with the seasons. Our menu is composed entirely of all natural meats free from hormones and antibiotics, organic free range "Mary's" poultry and sustainable seafood. For us, it's all about the food and your experience. Nirvana Grille Laguna Beach is available for both in-house and off-premises events. We have produced: Private Family Dining Events, Corporate Group Events, Charity Events both large and small.