Amy Copeland Photography

Lafayette, LA

About Amy Copeland Photography

A little bit about me, before you consider hiring me: I think everyone is born with a purpose...something engraved on our soul, our destiny. Being a photographer is more than simply a career choice, for me. It is MY purpose, MY destiny. I began to realize this when my beautiful son was born. As I documented his life with photos, a passion for photography grew inside me. I carried my camera with me everywhere; it became a part of me, my third eye. Nothing could stop this desire of taking pictures and learning about photography. I noticed that every day, the passion engulfed me more than the day before. As time went by, I explored my new life, learning and growing as an artist. Self taught, and being a super emotion woman and mother has defined my style as something very unique. I tend to capture seconds in time that most photographers may miss. I pride myself in giving you pictures that you look at years later and are brought right back to that moment in time and feel that same emotion. Just as if you were there all over again. I shoot a wide variety of styles, pretty much everything that allows me to be behind the lens. Call me modern, traditional, photo journalistic, personal or emotional, but I have never been one for labels. I think out of the box and I am truly one of a kind. I know that everyone has his or her's own personality and its my job to capture it. I do one thing and one thing only, I capture YOU. Being a photographer is nothing short of amazing. I also have this very rare opportunity to get a glimpse into total strangers lives, and I feel completely honored. It fulfills me in a way that nothing else could. Thank you for taking the time to read about me but enough about me, it's really all about you. How can I help you make today last forever?