The Flower Pot

2314 North. Broadway, Knoxville, TN


Knoxville's "The Flower Pot" has served me well! - An Eventective User from Knoxville, Tennessee

I have been very happy with The Flower Pot, a local florist in Knoxville, Tennessee. They have served at two of my friends' weddings, and they have proven themselves to be been quick, affordable, and most importantly, beautiful. They offer packages for everything from weddings to "get well soon" bundles. In my own experience, the workers are friendly, knowledgeable, and good at what they do. When ordering a package there with a recently engaged friend, they brought up factors I would never have thought of! They asked about color schemes for the wedding, offered to work with the photographer, gave a discount, and got to know us on a personal level. In some areas, they outperformed the wedding coordinator! And with the current situation with the economy, the fact that they were cheaper than competitors was a great plus, as we would have chosen them anyways. If a town visitor asked me which florist I would choose, I wouldn't think twice about telling them to visit The Flower Pot!

Almost got in trouble with my girlfriend. The Flower Pot to the rescue! - An Eventective User from knoxville, tn

My girlfriend is great. She doesnt demand jewelry or chocolates or really any material thing! She does, however, really love flowers. She knows the names of several different kinds (frankly, they all look the same to me), and she even grows a few of her own. Its important to her that a guy get her flowers on occasion. This last valentine's day, I forgot to get her flowers until the last minute. I know what you're thinking - how do you forget to get a girlfriend flowers for valentine's? Well, a) I'm a guy, we're often not great at these things, and b) her birthday is 4 days after valentine's day, so I had ordered a rose in advance online to go with our birthday date, and then confused that flower with a valentine's day treat. Basically, I had a not-so-small problem on my hands the morning of February 14th. I started googling like crazy during my break from work in the morning. I could not use the online florists because they would take more than a day to get the flowers delivered! And most of the local florists were sold out, because it was valentine's day! Thats where knoxville's Flower Pot came in. The staff was incredibly courteous considering the last-minute nature of my request. They were also very informed about flowers, and by telling them what kind my girlfriend grows and the look of one's she has liked in the past, they selected a bouquet that she would probably enjoy. They even agreed to deliver it to her at the end of her lecture at the University of Tennessee that afternoon! She called me later that day feeling great - the delivery guy had no problem finding her classroom, all her colleagues got to see the big bouquet she got! She even asked me how I remembered that she loved Tulips - or whatever the heck they were (""er, umm....I guess I'm just great at remembering these things, honey!""). Long story short? The Flower Pot got me out of a jam, made my girlfriend feel great, charged a very reasonable cost, and had excellent service. They were wonderful.

Fantastic Service - An Eventective User from Morristown, Tennessee

I'm not really the kind of person who goes out of her way to buy flowers, because in my mind they are outrageously expensive. I looked online just to prove this to myself, and boy, was I right. I stumbled upon The Flower Pot quite by accident. My friend had recently had a particularly bad run of luck and was in the hospital, and I thought flowers would cheer her up, and I had a coupon for The Flower Pot. I was driving to the hospital when I called them for an arrangement, not realizing that they were closing in 10 minutes. The lady on the phone asked me what my price range was, what colors my friend liked, and if there was any flower in particular that I would like her to include. The poor woman stayed after hours to make an arrangement for me that was simply breathtaking. It would have cost a hundred dollars at least from the big florist website. She never even mentioned that they were supposed to have closed by then, she was so gracious. She expressed her sympathies for the friend in the hospital and gave me her card in case I needed anything else. I'm now planning my wedding and there is no other florist I would even consider to do the flowers. It definitely helps that they're locally owned, and you can definitely tell! My friend loved her flowers and I was the super star of the day. I cannot recommend The Flower Pot enough, they were truly fantastic!