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See things from a new point of view. Artistic and breathtaking photography for everyone in the family. We specialize in weddings, senior portraits, and family portraits.


Perfect wedding photos! - An Eventective User from Kirksville, MO

When I married my beautiful wife Lena a short time ago we went to Ribbons and Rainbows Photography to have our wedding photos taken, as well as have a photographer hired for reception arrangements and for other various pre wedding events. Living in a small town, we didn't have many options as far as wedding services went. We contemplated finding resources in another city or even having the wedding someplace else entirely. Luckily we found Ribbons and Rainbows and it made planning the entire event a lot easier. It really was a lot more hassle free than most of the stories I hear from other married couples about their wedding photo debacles. Setting up arrangements with the staff was a friendly experience and their photo staff was as amiable as could be. We were also on a short budget because we had gone overboard in other areas of our wedding so we had to find a place that could fit in with our wallets needs as well as our own. The rates for wedding packages were extremely reasonable and we got a lot more prints than we actually ordered, which was a huge bonus overall. The prints came out fantastic and we have so many of them to give to friends and loved ones while keeping a ton of them for ourselves as well. Their photographer was professional and honestly we didn't even notice he was really there unless he came up and asked for a shot. But we still got plenty of great pics out of the event and it was a beautiful day all around. I'd highly recommend Ribbons and Rainbows if you happen to live in the area and need wedding photos, prom pictures, family portraits or any high quality photography work done for you and your family.