Evergreen Nurseries And Florist

688 Cross River Rd., Katonah, NY


Talented and caring florists - An Eventective User from Peekskill, NY

Evergreen Nurseries and Florist has a wonderful staff. All are very professional and knowledgeable. They have a large selection of cut flowers, potted flowers and plants. They also provide outdoor plants at their nursery. They have trees, shrubs, herbs, perennials and annuals, vegetables and others to choose from. The nursery grounds are beautifully landscaped and quiet. You are free to wander near their lake and look at their displays. The staff of horticulturalists and florists are very helpful and creative. I wanted a small arrangement of flowers as a gift. The florist discussed the various possibilities with me: types of flowers available, colors, sizes, greenery and costs. She put several different types of flowers together to demonstrate how various arrangements would look. She spent several minutes making arrangements for me to see. Roses, asters, chrysanthemums, daisies, lilies, daffodils and several others. She arranged them is several different vases to give me an idea of what the finished product would look like. While she was doing this, she gave me tips on how to care for the freshly cut flowers to maximize their life. We agreed on the roses and carnations and then looked at the various colors that she had available. We decided on the right vase for the bouquet. And which kind of greens would look best. Then she worked her art. Using shears and rapidly moving hands, she expertly cut and shaped the flowers, arranged them in the vase and added some greenery. It was amazing. Suddenly the vase was full of flowers in a variety of heights mixed with the greens. She made it look so easy and the design was perfect. And the price she quoted me was much lower than I had expected considering the number of blossoms and the time she spent on them with me. I'm definitely going to use them from now on for any floral arrangements, indoor or outdoor plants that I need.