About Sunset Love Weddings

Calley O'Neill is a beloved yoga and meditation teacher, originator of The Full Body Elixir, and renowned public, cultural, and conservation artist on Hawai’i Island. Calley was first asked to help with a wedding ceremony twenty years ago, and she loved the traditional wedding ceremony so much, that with no more than word of mouth, Calley’s special custom ceremonies became known and loved for their depth of heart, love, joy, meaning, and sensitivity. Having studied with many renowned yoga, qigong, meditation, spiritual, and Hawaiian cultural teachers and leaders over the past forty years, Calley brings with her a wealth of wisdom, awareness, and deep respect for our native Hawaiian culture, as well as knowledge of healing mind/boy/spirit practices, and a variety of different traditional ceremonies. Calley’s great love of people, her genuine caring, her gifts of speaking and storytelling, her deep love of nature and Hawai’i, and her enthusiastic interest in serving to make a positive difference in the world, come together in happy, deeply moving, personal, intimate and heartfelt ceremonies.