Juneau AK - JayDee Hypnotist Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Juneau, AK
JayDee Hypnotist performs a clean, classy and funny comedy stage hypnosis show for all ages. His background in improv and standup comedy ensures that the laughs never stop. Besides corporate shows, JayDee entertains at many fairs and festivals throughout the USA and Canada. Looking for a post prom show? He has also headlined in Las Vegas in a stage hypnosis showroom. Need entertainment for a corporate event or party? Have a group that needs a self help hypnosis seminar, such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss or Getting a Good Night's Sleep? He is available for shows and seminars in Juneau, Alaska and throughout the USA. Performance dates maybe limited so contact him asap :) When visiting Juneau check out the Alaska State Museum. It presents a unique view of Alaska’s history and diverse cultures. Exhibits feature an expansive collection of Alaska Native materials, fine art, and objects relating to topics such as mining, fishing, forestry, tourism, Russian-American period, and World War II. The Science on a Sphere TM theater cycles through a variety of animated geographical programs showing Alaska’s place in the world. There is a discovery room, with a climb-aboard replica of an early sailing ship and fun activities for all ages. The Shrine of St. Therese is tranquil, albeit windy oasis. So peaceful, it really facilitated a reflective space to just enjoy the beauty of nature in that region. The chapel, and all of the ground, reflect St. Therese pretty well, simple, humble and simultaneously profound. Comedy stage hypnotist available for post prom shows.