About Resonation

Life is punctuated by milestone achievements and celebratory occasions which afford Team Resonation the opportunity to create the ideal atmosphere for you and your guests! With no tolerance for the ordinary, our disc jockey custom tailors each song to suit your unique vision then plays for your guests through an elaborate, concert quality, sound system! Mixing and mashing multiple genres and eras into one grooving track, DJ Shane sets the tone for your memories one track at a time. Your guests will be ever surprised and anxiously anticipating the next musical experience. No stopping there though! We also illuminate your indoor and evening events with music synchronized LED and Laser lighting comparable to a city night club experience! Even further still, special surprise guests are featured throughout events to ensure everyone is entertained! All this while projections of movie clips, celebrity endorsements, dance videos, and fun animations are visualized for those guests who think they can remain seated! When all is said and done, you have one “happening” event people will still be talking about weeks after the evening comes to a close! If this is not enough; well, talk to our Event Consultant and see what other “mischief” you might stir up. With Michelle as your partner in crime, there is no limit to the excitement we can create for your guests! Any way you examine it, you won’t find more value for your investment. Resonation is Your Mobile Celebration Atmosphere!