Denny's Digital DJ Service

130 Austin Court, Jesup, GA

About Denny's Digital DJ Service

With over 15 years experience, we know how to keep your party rocking! Here at DDD Services, we have numerous Professional DJ's available and we can handle up to 4 parties at any one time. All of our systems include all sound equipment, light shows, fog, microphone setup, & instant access to millions of cd quality songs. Karaoke and video systems are also available. All of our music has been digitally copied to hard drives and verified by myself, the owner. With our fully computerized systems, we don't take up near as much room as the average DJ . With our systems, we are able to customize playlists before we even arrive, and we can also take requests at your event and immediately mix them in any order you like. We also offer a video service that will display the karaoke words, music videos and concert footage of thousands of our songs. It will also display photos that you provide full screen in slideshow mode and any text that you select on a ticker at the bottom of a huge 8x10 foot screen! We can even use this system along with our video camera to video your crowd and display it directly on the screen! We can handle any size event, including Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, Reunions, Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties or any other event you might have.