Galician Stained Glass

195 New York ave Jersey City, NJ 07307, Jersey City, NJ

About Galician Stained Glass

Family owned and operated since 1995 have been serving European market. Finally 2015 we are pleased to introduce Galician Stained Glass Art studio to American society. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and artistically created products for everyone's taste and any place. The result of our sweat, determination and hard passionate work we call it Galician Stained Glass Art. While most stained glass is found in the places of worship, Galician Stained Glass Studio strives to bring the most unique ideas to our fast-paced modern life. Stained glass has been shown as art in many-many settings. Either its a universities or famous hotels, restaurants or museums, domestic dwelling or church with thematic episode from the bible . These are all examples of applications in which stained glass art can be fabulous and glorious, modern or ancient, impressive, full of life and creativeness but never old styled or boring. The most popular implementation of the stained glass art pieces are windows, doors, sliding glass doors, skylights, ceiling light panels, bulkheads, shower enclosures,over-the-tub windows, light boxes, mirrors, cabinets and furniture doors, table tops, portrait and pictures and custom made lighting. If you have any other ideas then bring your vision to life.