VerDen LLC

Jacksonville, FL

About VerDen LLC

Meet "The Great Hypnotini" -- a comedy stage hypnotist! At last, a new take on an old tradition of the tuxedoed entertainer, the stage hypnotist that amuses and amazes the audience, exploring their incredible imaginations through hypnosis! Nobody becomes a chicken, but their imaginations are unleashed in fun, creative ways. Balloons become two foot spheres of solid gold! Rappers talk Martian. And everyone has a great time aboard the party ship, the Santa Margarita! Entertaining and enlightening for both the audience and those lucky enough to be the stars on stage! Come to where Classic and Comedy connect in a fun filled evening with The Great Hypnotini!

Package Pricing

Fund raisers
Attendees: 2-10000 | $10 - $10,000 /event
Pricing for all event types
General Events
Attendees: 10-10000 | $500 - $10,000 /event
Pricing for all event types