About Let It Rip Karaoke

Let It Rip Karaoke features a unique high-energy karaoke entertainment experience you won't find anywhere else. DJ Tony combines top quality professional audio gear, and enthusiastic attitude and high energy approach to ensure all your guests, whether singing or merely watching, will leave wanting more! Come see what we mean by Full Throttle Professional Karaoke Entertainment. Here's what you get at a Let It Rip Karaoke Show: * A Song List of over 6,000 songs * All wireless microphones, no need to be leashed to the stage * Professional quality sound reinforcement equipment designed by EAW and Mackie * A computer controlled singer rotation ensuring everyone gets equal chance to sing * Full stage lighting to make every singer look and feel like a star * A Karaoke Experience focused on entertainment for everyone Why hire just another DJ for your wedding or special event? Instead, let your guests supply their own brand of music by booking Let It Rip Karaoke instead.