CSS Security Services

134 Delaware Avenue, Island Park, NY
Founded in 1975, CSS Security, Inc. is committed to providing individuals, corporations and special events the highest level of security protection. We understand the complexity of our industry, and have developed programs to meet the unique and special needs of businesses and individuals. We are frequently employed as security at live events, for the entertainment market, corporations, special events, politicians, individual personalized artist protection, and crowd control, among a plethora of other security jobs. The backbone of our services and company is our professionally trained staff who are licensed, bonded and fully insured. They constantly take a proactive approach when providing security services to our valued clients, and take the path of least disruption whenever possible. Perhaps the most unique thing about CSS Security is the scalability of our security services. From the protection of international political figures to crowd protection up to 850,000 patrons, or from the employment of one guard to 500 guards, we can handle any and all events no matter the location. And if you’re unsure about the amount and type of security services you require, we can help with that. CSS Security will work closely with you to assess your needs through a confidential security survey and determine the most appropriate security package for your situation.