Fruiti Jiggle-uti Confections - Edible Artistic Illusions in Gelatin

Inverness, FL
Fruiti Jiggle-uti is 100% edible gelatin and is a great alternative to rich, higher caloric desserts. It is a unique way to enjoy a healthy and delicious dessert that is not only tasty, but also amazingly beautiful! Carefully hand crafted, each floral illusion is skillfully and artistically submerged into a clear gelatin emulsion by injecting colored milk based gelatin to create petals and leaves, making a tasty dessert that is stunningly beautiful. Each distinctive piece is individually created, ensuring that, as in nature, no two flowers are exactly alike. Some mouth-watering, gluten free flavors offered are Creamsicle, Raspberry Cheesecake and Lime Ricky.
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