Inuvik NWT - JayDee Hypnotist Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Inuvik, NT
JayDee Hypnotist performs a clean, classy and funny comedy stage hypnosis show for all ages. His background in improv and stand-up comedy ensures that the laughs never stop. Besides corporate shows, he entertains at many fairs and festivals throughout Canada and the USA. Looking for an after grad or chem free grad show? JayDee has also headlined in Las Vegas in a stage hypnosis showroom. He is available for shows in Inuvik, NWT and throughout Canada. Have a group that needs a self help hypnosis seminar, such as Smoking Cessation, Getting a Good Night's Sleep or Weight Loss? Available dates maybe limited so contact him asap :) I have been up to Inuvik to perform at the Legion, it was fun! There are a few things you should go and experience when you get up there. The Igloo Church lets you enjoy the unique history, fascinating structure and beautiful artwork within this Roman Catholic Church. Also go and see the Western Arctic Regional Visitor Center has some very interesting display about the local life. The friendly staff will give you a list with all the things you can do and where to eat information, very helpful. Corporate hypnotist, after grad, stage hypnotist